Monday, February 17, 2014

Walk Around Graphing Quadratics Stations

Eh, why not post two postings in one day? I think I can give you that little treat ;)

Graphing quadratics, ah what a beautiful activity. But why is it so hard? I like to think that for my kids, this is one of the first functions that they graph that doesn't have a constant rate making it so difficult but it's also the struggle of following the order of operations.
Anyways, I always break it into a multiple day lesson and have it end with a formative assessment lesson and angry birds project. This will be good at the beginning of the topic because it gets my kids thinking about all the steps to graphing.
Once I've done the lesson with my kids, I'll post back results. Warning, scribd is making it look like the graphs are popping out of the box but I promise, I just tested the download and it's working just fine. The file contains both the copies for students to record their work and the 6 station signs.

TPT Link:


  1. What software do you use to create these stations? Is it something like Corel Draw?

    1. Mariann,

      What part of the stations do you refer to? The font or where the equations come from? Typically, I just find my fonts on Pinterest :) and the equations are typically just ones that pop into my head :) Other station activities such as the ones I've been posting earlier come from a Kuta Software Program. They're the best!


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