Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ah yes, finally, OGT week is now over so my classroom decoration can return! Just as I can finally hang decorations back up, I also started (and am now halfway through) my unit on probability. Thus, time to break out the new probability posters that I had made! All in all, I was pretty pleased with them. They looked snazzy!

Another aspect of my probability unit is my Fundamental Counting Principle lesson featuring Barbie and Ken going on a date. This time around, I gave more firm time expectations and I felt that overall, the results were better because the kids knew what all they had to get done in the allotted time. There was a lot less funny business.

New to the Probability Unit was my new project allowing for kids to analyze the claim made by a business about the number of ways to personalize a product (previously, I had done the Wendy's Project). The kids then got to get their creativity on and make an advertisement that would then be presented. This post will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

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