Monday, March 31, 2014

Linear Programming - A Scaffolded Project

Linear Programming is never a favorite topic amongst my kiddos but I feel like it's an essential component to get the kids to start interpreting the math behind real world problems. Quickly, they always discover that difficult part to these problems is deciding what the constraints are based upon the question.

Anyways, I find that it's a good project to kick off my class. I love projects and I feel like this is a good size project to set the bar.
Part 1 - Students are each given a personally assigned problem from the set of Linear Programming Problems. One of the problems was solved in class so I felt like this was my low level problem to help give some of my kids a good problem to refer back to. I did notice an error in this set of problems on the fourth problem. It says hours but the problem deals with minutes (and the solutions never worried about this difference).
I liked having two parts to this project so that it gave something to refer back to when creating their own problem. For some of my kids, they thought it was going to be easy to make their own problem and then others, were so set on just being given a problem to solve that they found the idea that they had to make a problem, to be rather difficult.

Part 2 - This component is more open ended and allows the kids to create their own business. They then have to think about how to essentially make their own problem. There is one additional component, they are given money and told a very sneaky constraint. This got most of my kids. They were rather confused on how to incorporate this into their constraints. If they didn't have to worry about this part, they would have been fine. This part, I required, to be in the form of a prezi. I found that 1) It was easier to see the process and 2) It helped them work on their ability to professionally present information. I provided them with a similar example that I had found.

Changes for the future -
Actually have the kids present their projects! Don't let the timing of the class affect the ability to have kids practice their presentation skills.
Perhaps adjust the rubric so that it's not a Does Meet / Does Not Meet rubric and more so breaks it into points.


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  2. Thank you for providing details about this project! I'm about to try it this week with my Algebra 2 students. One question - what website/program did your students use to make their graphs on the computer? (So that they could copy and paste into Prezi)

    1. I can honestly say that I'm not sure which program the students utilized but I know that you can always do a screenshot off of desmos!


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