Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break

Ah, it's spring break! And it's already going too quickly...... what to do, what to do.....

Well maybe I should start with what I have done?

1) Tutored a child for their ACT / SAT, found this to be extremely enjoyable :) kept me on my toes with other math classes, LOVED IT. I think I want to keep doing this....

2) Prepared for the lessons that'll happen the first week I return (Linear Programming & Graphing Polynomials) ; added a "water" theme to my LP lessons for our upcoming design challenge ; decided how to sequence the graphing polynomials into a three day lesson
                    - Day 1 - WarmUp (Graphing factor form of parabolas from Algebra 2) ; Reminder discussion of the connection between zeros/roots/solutions/x intercepts/ factors ; Introduce graphing (domain/range/graphing when given factor form and how to do basic factoring to help graph/ introduce finding local min/max/zero through calculator)
                    - Day 2 - Introduce End Behavior through a discover activity (card sort by looking for pattern) ; Introduce the Polynomial Graphing Project (different then last term -- added a graphing design project where the kids design a birds eye view of a water park [again, design challenge theme]) ; give preassessment for MDC (Representing Polynomials)
                     - Day 3 - Implement MDC (Representing Polynomials)
**I'm kind of really excited for the new graphing project, post to come! Stay tuned!

3) Graded the new Parent Function book submissions. Again, I tweaked the requirements for this term as we moved a few things back into precalc (they were precalc standards and we want to stay true to the Quality Core standards). However, I still feel that it's very important to graph several functions that aren't explicitly Algebra 2 standards

4) 3 loads of laundry..... okay I hate this chore so of course I let it pile up.....

5) Began planning a Flipped Classroom UNIT (again, post to come.... soon)

6) Ordered more VistaPrint supplies. I needed a fresh supply of posters. Sigh, I wish I had a room that was completely my own.....

7) Made Practice ACT / SAT tests on ASSISTments [score!]

8) Cleaned my car inside and out. It needed it.......

9) Cleaned the condo (and I still don't think it's as clean as the boyfriends' mother's house.... I won't start....)

10) Watched the series of Dexter, and caught up on my other tv shows

11) Recorded video lessons of myself teaching solving trigonometric equations. Oh yeah, getting ready for being absent in May ;)

12) Lies in Advertising Projects Graded, okay that one took me a while..... it made me even question why on earth does a math teacher assign projects.... oh wait. Then I remembered. ;)

13) Slept in.... the dog loved this one. He's a huge fan of sleep so he prefers it if I don't interrupt his beauty sleep.....

14) Returned home to spend some time with the family

15) Took advantage of mom's KUTA software so that I could make some more activities. Yay!

16) Updated the blog look, I think it's pretty :)

17) Shopped..... only a little. Here's some of the results!

18) Picked up the new mattress! It's like I'm sleeping in a really nice hotel. Oh, and it was a total steal!

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