Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Secondary Fashionable Teacher

One thing that I have to be super careful about, teaching high schoolers, is what to wear and what not to wear. Being that we are a business casual dress code, even the students must be dressing nice. If I expect the kids to dress well, and appropriate, so should I. But, this is something that I struggle with occasionally because, as the kids always remind me, I'm young. So how can you dress young but still professional?

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet
Back home, we have an outlet mall literally right next to my house. Thus, when my dad offered to go shopping with me, I took advantage. After stopping in at several stores with nothing jumping out at me, I walked into Loft. Everything was 40% off so you know I had to take advantage. Now this little number above had like 3 dresses left and the one I needed was on the mannequin.... now if you knew me personally, you would know that this would slightly bother me because I feel like it's been used...... Well there were four small holes created by the pins to make it appear smaller on the mannequin. Great. How bothered was I? Well, I asked for them to ship me one but I refused to pay for shipping when it was on them.... So, I got an extra 15% off! Essentially this amounted to being a half off purchase! Oh, and I had to get the necklace because the mannequin showed me that it really made the outfit ;)

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet

Again, this dress was 40% off and I just couldn't help myself :) Even though this dress was less expensive than the first one, it ended up costing an extra dollar more because of the additional 15% off that I got on the first one.

One sad thing about going to Ann Taylor Loft Outlet is that they don't give the teacher discount :( Only non outlet stores do :( That's one thing that J.Crew Outlet does do that gives it a leg up!

Dress: Target $24.99
Dress for Miss Rudolph: $21.25 (15% off on Cartwheel App)

Story: So here I am, just cruising Pinterest, ya know the usual activity for a teacher, and I visit my favorite outfit inspiration website. I'm scrolling and boom, I found this post and I fell in love with the dress. Immediately, I went to the Target website and saw that it was only available online :( But the outfit post lady told me she found it in stores... so I had hope (I really didn't want to spend $50 just to get free shipping. Anyways, I went to my local store and saw that there were only two left... in sizes that were not mine. Saddened, I started walking around the other areas of clothing and then I saw it, someone had left my dress in my size on the wrong rack. Immediately, I went to try it on. You know how when you try a really awesome dress on, but you don't look wonderful that day so immediately, the dress is ruined..... Well even this dress had the power to overcome my rough appearance. This dress will clearly be a winner, especially with the 15% off coupon thanks to Cartwheel!

Dress: Gap $69.95
Dress for Miss Rudolph: $12 (40% off with the Friends and Family Discount & $30 Rewards Certificate)
Currently: Still in the process of being shipped.....

I am hopeful that this dress will be as cute as the reviews.

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