Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vistaprint Ideas

Despite the fact that Vistaprint got smart (they only now offer business cards for free). I still love the ability to play around with their products to meet my needs, as a teacher. So, I came up with a few more  items to order (and a few to wait in the wings until a future date).

Free Business Card meets exit ticket. I did actually order these ones. It'll get the kids thinking more about the process and how to articulate their thoughts.

Free Business Card meets exit ticket. I did not actually order these ones because I'm still working on perfecting my idea for a consistent warm up.

These are postcards and I intend to get these laminated so that I can make them permanent parts of group stations. Perhaps, I can even write the group names on the backside for each class.

I like my new poster. It makes me seem tough.

I debated and toyed with this poster but I decided to get it. After all, my kids can think about why they are or are not being a good mathematician.

So girly! Plus, it'll be cute to have as my kids enter the room.

Okay, this poster was awesome. I'm falling more and more in love with it. I feel like it's simple yet to the point. Keep Calm, and show your work.

Stole this idea but I love these car magnets. Again, these used to be free....... sad sad day.

Oh wait, this used to be free as well....... ugh VISTAPRINT!! Why you do this to me?

Anyways, enjoy the ideas!


  1. I love your business card idea...they are awesome! I might do something like this. Thanks.

    Kovescence of the Mind

    1. Thanks Sarah! I also just made a vistaprint business card that has a three point organizational check on it for my advisory/homeroom. They're great for those mini checks that we do!

  2. Have you considered using the banners instead of posters? I've started waiting for 50%+ email coupons from vistaprint and using those. I got 18"x36" banners for $4 I think. Since I make my designs in ppt, I can put 2-3 posters on the same banner depending on how big I want them. They're a nice durable vinyl that will last forever. Just an idea :)

    Love your blog!!

    1. Wow Stefanie! That's a great idea! I hadn't though about it before but it's definitely one to consider. I'm pretty set for now but hopefully someone will read your comment ;)


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