Monday, April 7, 2014

Basic Factoring Notes

Ah yes, factoring. How my kids (for some reason) dislike thee. Whatever, we'll get over it ;)

This term, for some reason, my classes have, as a whole, required different methods of teaching. They've needed more guided notes and I think it's due to many of my kids not having an Algebra 1 credit. Gosh, how important it is to have this credit!

Anyways, here are my guided notes for four types of factoring :) I started off the lesson with GCF but this didn't have it's own guided notes sheet.

Factoring Notes


  1. I was wondering how I can download your PDF handouts? Do I need to pay for a Scribd prescription? If so, does that allow me downloads of all your handouts or pay per item? Or is your stuff for sale on TpT? Just wondering how this works :) Your lessons look great!

    1. Here's the link to the TPT post that has the notes :)


  2. Do you have ready interactive math books?
    Or any material available for access?
    Your lessons look great!!!!!

  3. I really like the SOAP trick to memorize. I have to review it to remember it and instantly now it seems easy.

  4. Can I have copy’s of the answers ?


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