Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Inspired Linear Programming Foldable

I've been inspired. Well, for a long time now, to create a foldable for linear programming. I couldn't find one that I liked until bam, I saw pictures... but no file.

So there I was and sought to make my own. 8 hours later.....

Boom, I have one!

For Sale Now on TPT.

This is probably one of the most difficult foldables that I've ever made. It took some serious strategizing on how to get things to line up just right, but never fear, I was still determined! This foldable covers all the basics from vocab, graphing, vertices, max / min, real world problems.

Check it out!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Learning Target Based Grading

I've gotten a few emails/comments regarding my grading system so I figured I'd make a post about it! At my school, we operate on a Mastery grading system where students must receive a 90% in each class in order to move on (as well as eventually take free college courses). I really like this in the math department because we so often see kids move on without fully grasping the basics and then they perpetuate the problem and make hiccups later on because they aren't solid on PEMDAS or struggle with Quadratics.

That being said, I grade each of my units based upon Mastery in EACH Learning Target. Now, what exactly in a learning target? For me, a learning target is simply the concept that I teach in that particular unit. Some units have more than others and thus, the unit takes longer to teach. Overall, I do try to balance (point wise) the distribution amongst the learning targets and sometimes weight learning targets more heavily based upon their importance.

On the top of each of my tests, children have a chart where each learning target is listed with a few other columns. In the points column, I record the points and their percentage for each kid. Based upon this score, I grant mastery on that Learning Target to the child. Ideally, children receive mastery in each of these Learning Targets. If they do not, this is when they need to complete remediation in order to retest. After the retest, I record this score in the same column on the original test and will again, reevaluate whether Mastery has been received.

Learning Target:  I can…
Points / % (Test)
% (Retake)
1. Graph and solve a linear inequality in one variable on a number line.
      / 10 = _____%

2. Graph and solve compound inequalities containing “and” and “or” on a number line.
      / 10 = _____%

3. Solve linear inequalities containing absolute value
      / 20 = _____%

4. Write and graph linear equations in standard form and slope-intercept form when given two points, a point and the slope, or the graph of the equation.
      / 20 = _____%

5. Graph linear inequalities in standard form and slope intercept form.
      / 20 = _____%

6. Solve systems of two linear equations using various methods.
      / 20 = _____%

Overall, the feedback that I get back from the kids is that they like the Learning Target system (especially because of remediation) because it does reward them for knowing concepts and then it requires that they revisit the ones that they are weak in. I also like it because it catches them on the silly errors they make algebraically. They really hate missing a learning target because of a "silly."

Hopefully, this cleared up a few things about our grading system. As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Busy..... Building a backyard oasis

Once again, I find myself busy. Too busy to post and too busy to do a lot of the things I want to do this summer. Yes, I'm continuing my workout but I've been held back by helping the boyfriends family.

You see, we basically see boyfriends family every weekend as they live only 6 minutes from my place. And I really love it. Every Sunday we have a family dinner and during the summer, it's typically spent outside in their gazebo. Well this summer, they decided to upgrade the backyard. Boyfriend was a landscape architecture major (now in law school) so we have to use his expertise. And here's the final product of Phase 1!!!!

What did I do in all this? Well you see all those rocks? I carried them. Well not all of hem but you should see my guns! I was also in charge of dog proofing the backyard which consisted of also moving a bunch of logs. Because baby boy loves to climb these logs. Again, heavy weight status. Another duty of mine was prepping the furniture to be painted and heavily cleaning the gazebo. It's not surprising how disgusting it gets outside in ohio. 

Anyways, we are now about to start the second project, furniture for my basement! The plan has been discussed and were about to go get some old barn wood. Then we will start phase 2 of boyfriends parents backyard, the other side of the house.....

Wood and stone for basement furniture and phase 2 of the backyard!

Lots of nails in old barn wood....

I know one day I will use his backyard skills to my own advantage ;)

So fear not, I still have posts to make. In fact, I've been working hard on a linear programming foldable. It took me a few hours to create and fine tune and now, I'm working on the answer key. Stay tuned! And the unit circle art project, I just have to edit the pictures to remove student names. 

Sorry :( teachers need major summer breaks!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer, we meet again...

Ah summer, such an on again, off again relationship. You know, I've heard that those kinds of relationships are actually quite unhealthy. We really should either be always together or never together...... I think I'll stick to our current relationship.

Any who... I need to ease back into the blogging realm. I notice that I have a pattern of posting. I post a lot in the middle of school year (aka, J-Term) when I have a lot of free time and am in the middle of reflection and by the end of the year, I'm just trying to stay a float.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

This year, for some reason, I really felt the need to have my summer vacation. And I will use it to it's fullest potential. So let's keep track!

Week 1 Down, what have I done?

- Bought some fabulous Hunter Rain boots
- Been to the pool three times
- Painted a Clay Mug
- Taken the dog to the vet
- Bought a laundry basket [dog proof to eliminate the need to constantly replace under ware]
- Helped groom/remodel boyfriend's parent's backyard patio area [my responsibilities included clearing the log pile and making the yard dog proof ; and moving stones]
- Started the C25K program.... got to start somewhere right?
- Made my own Pasta Sauce and Meatballs
- Had the cable man come and fix my DVR box

Oh, but these are all my Personal Life tasks..... Of course, I was semi inspired to start getting ready for next school year....

- Created the To Do List for the Summer / plan for when I will do things
- Went to Home Depot and purchased 77 cent Canvas Nail Belts [for group work stations]
- Started Updating Test Questions
- Updated a few projects, aka, changed numbers
- Created the Pinterest inspired NOISE sign for some classroom management for next year

But it's only been one week...... I still have time...... and more posts to make!

This week, I finish up with two more days of summer school and hopefully I'll be giving some kids their credits to my class!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

That moment....

..... When you meet someone who reads your blog. Priceless. To find out it's a parent? Speechless. Well she's a math teacher. Makes more sense now, right?

Anyways. I think I needed that. I've gotten a bit busy recently and haven't published some posts that I have saved on my drafts but fear not, tomorrow is my last day. So I think it was meant to be that I ran into her today and it was the little push I needed to remind me why I blog. 

Why do you blog?
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