Monday, June 23, 2014

Busy..... Building a backyard oasis

Once again, I find myself busy. Too busy to post and too busy to do a lot of the things I want to do this summer. Yes, I'm continuing my workout but I've been held back by helping the boyfriends family.

You see, we basically see boyfriends family every weekend as they live only 6 minutes from my place. And I really love it. Every Sunday we have a family dinner and during the summer, it's typically spent outside in their gazebo. Well this summer, they decided to upgrade the backyard. Boyfriend was a landscape architecture major (now in law school) so we have to use his expertise. And here's the final product of Phase 1!!!!

What did I do in all this? Well you see all those rocks? I carried them. Well not all of hem but you should see my guns! I was also in charge of dog proofing the backyard which consisted of also moving a bunch of logs. Because baby boy loves to climb these logs. Again, heavy weight status. Another duty of mine was prepping the furniture to be painted and heavily cleaning the gazebo. It's not surprising how disgusting it gets outside in ohio. 

Anyways, we are now about to start the second project, furniture for my basement! The plan has been discussed and were about to go get some old barn wood. Then we will start phase 2 of boyfriends parents backyard, the other side of the house.....

Wood and stone for basement furniture and phase 2 of the backyard!

Lots of nails in old barn wood....

I know one day I will use his backyard skills to my own advantage ;)

So fear not, I still have posts to make. In fact, I've been working hard on a linear programming foldable. It took me a few hours to create and fine tune and now, I'm working on the answer key. Stay tuned! And the unit circle art project, I just have to edit the pictures to remove student names. 

Sorry :( teachers need major summer breaks!

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