Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pallet Herb Garden Adventure

I've been keeping very busy this summer doing this and doing that. Well one thing that I wanted to do was make an herb garden. Perhaps this would start to inspire my cooking fresh? The thought counts, right?

Any ways, I found a pallet herb garden on Pinterest and from that moment. I was inspired.

All it took was 2 pallets and some elbow grease. I figured out where I wanted the spaces to be, removed some boards and then had to add some to the underside of the garden boxes.

The expensive part was actually the buying of the herbs part. After lining the garden boxes with some weed fabric (that black fabric at the plant store), it came time to plant the herbs. I won't disclose the cost of the herbs because I'm quite disappointed in myself.

Then came the fun part of being artsy and writing out the names of the herbs and TA DA!!!

Hopefully I can be a good herb mom and keep these babies alive :)

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