Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Unit Circle Art!

Finally! I am getting around to this post. I'm actually really proud of the results of this project and I am so sorry that it took so long to get around to!

Last year, I had the kids do a Real World Trig Functions Project where they created a collage of real world pictures featuring the Trig Functions and Solved some Real World Problems. Well, this time around, I had them do those two things as well but this time, I added a part 1, an artistic representation of the Unit Circle!!

Hello Kitty Puzzle

The results were great! (See more results below) And I think one of the contributions to this part being so wonderful was the fact that for each part of the project, I had varying due dates which made this rather large project manageable. Each project was due within about a week of one another (typically after we were done learning about the topic for a while - Unit Circle / Shapes of Trigonometric Functions / Solving Trigonometric Equations.

Below are also the instructions/rubric that I gave to the kids. Apparently, they were decent enough instructions because the kids understood what they were doing. Pretty much, they are just check boxes (a concept which I love doing on my instructions and my To Do Lists in my word docs.

Part 1: You are to create an artistic representation of The Unit Circle

¨ Using your choice of medium (if you think your medium is not school appropriate or would make Miss Rudolph frown, please get prior consent)
¨ Your display should include all the angles in degrees/radians. Please be sure to measure the angles with a protractor to ensure accuracy of your scale representation
¨ Also include sine, cosine, and tangent values for EACH degree
¨ Fewer points may be given if your object is already a circle or it appears you put forth very little effort.
¨ Be creative and have fun!
¨ You may receive bonus points for going “above and beyond” 

Points Possible

Neat / Organized / Legible Labeling

Creativity / Uniqueness

Evidence of Effort

Total Points: ____ / 30

The helicopter was possibly one of the more impressive representations. The propeller actually spun!

I'm always a fan of some good old fashioned drawing and I love how this was a a good combo of biology meeting math. This could be a good way to further incorporate outside subject areas.

 Okay, the kids know I like to eat.....

Yep, that's right, hand sewn unit circle.

Origami Style!

Two of my boys liked the pizza idea. You can kind of see the other result on the right hand side of this picture.

This will for sure be hanging in my room next year.

Yes, you are seeing correct. Teenagers know how to sew! Quite well!

Lastly, this student presented their Unit Circle by creating a CAD model and printing it off of our 3-D printer.... LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!! I was madly impressed by this one.

Oh and here's a pretty awesome Stop Motion that one of my kids made....


  1. This is awesome and I will definitely use next year. I can't believe you're only a first year teacher! I am very glad to have found your site.

    1. Lisa,

      So glad you liked it! The kids really enjoyed this part of the project because it was a topic that they knew they could get right, they just had to be creative! And fear not, I'll be in my third year teaching this upcoming year :) But thank you for the compliment ;)

  2. Are you willing to share the rest of this project? I love this portion but I am curious about the other two parts.

    1. Patty,

      I am so sorry about the delay in response! It is my deepest apologies!

      Part 2 - Solving Equations, I really just gathered some rigorous questions that I found in textbooks and online

      Part 3 - Writing Equations, it is my intent to make a post about this soon because I was much happier with the results this past year!

      Once again, so sorry for the delay!

    2. I really love this! Thank you!

  3. This is AMAZING!!!!! I love it. Do you have hard files of your assignment and rubric that you would be willing to share?? I want to give this to my students this week, what a great way to introduce creativity and choice into the hs math classroom. Bravo!

  4. This says part one, is there more to the project. I am a first year pre-cal teacher and I am looking for an end of the year project and I LOVE this
    Thank you for sharing

  5. Sorry I just saw the previous post...so let me change my question
    when it came to part 3 the writing equations...what where you looking for? did you give them something to work with in? where there a list of problems that you had them work into an equation?
    just curious bc I would love to assign this project
    Thanks again

    1. Anne,

      Sorry for the delay! I haven't posted on my blog in a while (I've had a lot of life changes happening). In terms of part 3, I had kids find pictures that they saw trig functions in. They then uploaded them to desmos and then "matched the equation" to the picture. This was very open ended.

      The list of problems that I gave them for Part 2 came from various sources online. I think I also used some book problems. Because I taught this project at my old school, the questions were on my old school computer. Unfortunately, I don't have access to them at the moment :/

  6. Do you know how the person made the flower unit circle?


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