Monday, April 13, 2015

My oh My Miss Rudolph..... where have you been???

For shame, for shame..... Wow year 3 has been so busy. Between RESA tasks for ODE and new PD opportunities, Miss Rudolph has been a busy woman! But I promise, I will return....

But what have you been doing? What lessons have you been creating? What new material will you bring us??


  • Flipped Classroom (I'm currently halfway through a full blown implementation and I cannot wait to share what I have learned and what I am still learning - as well as the resources and materials that I have been using)
  • Video Review Project (Last week's method of review.... I'm pretty pleased with the results so I can't wait to discuss and reflect on this)
  • Instructional Tool / Resource Project (The initial student created products are due next week with a full product due in May - aka my design challenge)
  • New PD Opportunity & what I have learned (iPad.... whaaaat?)
  • Desmos Match the Graph Projects

But sigh, they will all have to wait.... Thank you those of you who have sent me such kind words via email. I have them all saved and I do intend to respond.... but between RESA / PD / School, I've been a tad bit busy..... oh did I mention that I'm piloting a new course this term and I piloted another new course during the month of January? yeah, my apologies :(

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