Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Equations of Circles Card Sort

How has your summer been? I feel like mine has been so uneventful.... which has been lovely because I really wanted to do nothing.... Well I mean, I haven't done nothing.... after all... I'm prepping for two new preps..... Cornell Notes anyone? Yup! That's what I've been working on!

Anyways.... this past May, I underwent the interview process for my new/current job. As part of the interview process, we were to create a demo lesson under the stipulations that we could teach any topic we wanted that was part of Geometry or Precalculus and that we'd be teaching students ranging from Algebra 1 to Precalculus.

Well, I was on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, when I got notification of my demo lesson. Needless to say, boyfriend and I had to take some time out of our vacation to create and practice this lesson... He was great at acting like a teenager.... (he really had no interest in doing math on his only vacation from Law School).

So that got me thinking about what lesson I could create that would set me apart from the crowd. I love collaborative activities so I created a card sort where students created equations of circles from a variety of information provided. I felt like it also helped reinforce the students' ability to problem solve.

Anyways..... feel free to check out the product on TPT now!

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